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What is Scratchboard?

Scratchboard is an etching process developed over 300 years ago in Europe.

Using hand tools such as scalpels and needles, the artist removes black India ink that has been applied to a white-clay board.  By “scratching” away the black ink, the white beneath is exposed to form the desired image. Color can then be lightly applied INTO the scratch marks, depending on the desired effect.

Joseph uses many creative tools to achieve a variety of scratch depths and shades; he then adds color via a transparent wash.

What is the difference between a Print and an Original?

When you purchase an original etching, you will immediately notice the solidity of the Masonite board, the true blackness of the India ink, and – most amazingly – every needle mark involved in creating your original etching. The black-white contrast is striking, as is the acrylic color sparingly added to the scratch marks.

Each original is carefully matted and framed to enhance the aesthetic of the artwork.

If you prefer to purchase a print, know that Joseph makes his own print reproductions from the originals.  All of his prints are on professional-grade paper, and he uses only archival-quality ink.

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